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How to Teach Cooking to Kids


Download this FREE 20+ page booklet packed with information on how to develop your own culinary education program for kids. This unique educational tool includes:

-How to decide which sites are best for different age groups

-How to determine class type and length

-When to schedule your classes

-How to calculate class costs

-A comprehensive lesson plan including recipes that will work for any

age group

-An extensive list of food education resources


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Easy Meals to Cook with Kids

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Easy Meals to Cook with Kids is a cookbook with family-friendly recipes that adults can cook with children ages two years old and up. It includes:

-Recipes that have been thoroughly tested and carefully written so that novice cooks and children can confidently follow the instructions.

-Guidelines on how to safely incorporate children in the cooking process.

-Advice on how to purchase high-quality ingredients and kitchen equipment.

-Recipes that can be made kosher and are nut-free (including many that also dairy- and gluten-free).

-Dishes made with moderately priced ingredients that can be found in most grocery stores.

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Easy Meals to Cook with Kids is one of the best cooking-with-children books I have seen yet. The information is clear, thorough, lovingly laid out - and, importantly, organized according to age level. The recipes are creative, healthful, and compelling. Congratulations on a deceptively challenging job joyfully and beautifully done! The world needs this.” -Mollie Katzen, author, Moosewood Cookbook - and the Pretend Soup children's cookbook trilogy

“In a world where many children can’t name a single vegetable or fruit by sight, where families have lost the art of cooking and celebration of meals together, where the food industry markets food as “good” for us or “fun” for us, Julie Negrin created a magical play land of food that is both good for you AND fun for you. She introduces children to the world of health and nutrition through delighting the senses and the palate. Easy Meals to Cook with Kids should be used in every home and taught in every school. It will change America one bite and one smile at a time.” -Mark Hyman, MD, New York Times best-selling author of UltraMetabolism, UltraMind and Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine

"Easy Meals to Cook with Kids is a fun, informative guide to cooking for and with your children. The recipes are tasty, nutritious and easy to follow, with age-appropriate tips for incorporating all of your budding chefs. Pick up this book and turn everyday meal preparation into a joy-filled, family-bonding experience." -Lisa Oz, mom and author, US: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships that Matter Most

"Easy Meals to Cook with Kids can open up a new world for moms, dads, and kids. It shows how cooking with kids can be turned into an easy, fun, effective way to teach them everything from values to nutrition. In fact, the real power of following Negrin's recipes for food is that her approach is also a recipe for becoming a closer family.” -Brian Wansink, PhD, author, Mindless Eating

“I like Easy Meals to Cook with Kids so much because not only does it expose children to cooking from a very early age, but that Julie Negrin has genuine respect for children, their capabilities and all positive possibilities, born of her own in-depth experience of working with children. Teaching children to cook is unquestionably important for many reasons, but to do so with joy and utter belief in children, what they can do and how they can grow, is invaluable.” -Deborah Madison, author, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

"A love of food, a love of children, knowledge of nutrition, skill in the kitchen, passion, compassion, wisdom and insight- what a delicious recipe! That is exactly what Julie serves up in Easy Meals to Cook with Kids. I loved every bite - and am confident you will, too!" –David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, President & Founder of the Turn the Tide Foundation, Inc.

“Julie Negrin is part of an inspiring movement across the country reclaiming our kids’ taste buds from food marketers and the fast food industry. In this tantalizing cookbook, Negrin demystifies cooking with kids, helping any parent—no matter your skill level—to safely and confidently bring kids into the kitchen. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough for us to dive into these recipes together!” -Anna Lappé, mom and author of Diet for a Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can Do About It

“The childhood obesity crises in our country must lead us to change our children’s relationship to food – one of the best ways of doing that is cooking with them. Easy Meals to Cook with Kids will help parents and kids cook healthy meals together and along the way help kids make life-long healthy food choices – plus of course have fun and eat well!” –Chef Ann Cooper, author of Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children

"Easy Meals to Cook with Kids is a well-thought-out book for cooking with children, with excellent advice and tips, as well as lots of very nice recipes. The whole family can enjoy this together! -Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, NYC

"Inspiring our kids to cook is the greatest accomplishment and Julie Negrin has done it with this book. Easy Meals to Cook with Kids is a powerful tool to make cooking fun and healthy for the whole family. Children cooking and learning benefits everyone and future generations as well. Let's keep saving the planet one bite at a time." -Joy Pierson Nutritionist, owner Candle Cafe and Candle 79, Board Chair for New York Coalition for Healthy School Food

"A kid- and parent-friendly, fun and flavor-packed adventure that brings families back together in the heart of the home, the kitchen, where nutrition and nourishment team up. Easy Meals to Cook with Kids is a delicious way to transform the health of our nation's most precious resource, our children." -Kathie Madonna Swift, MS RD LDN

“As someone who believes in the importance of cooking with Kids, Julie shows us how much fun it can be in Easy Meals to Cook with Kids. And yummy, too!” -Bill Telepan, chef-owner Telepan Restaurant & Founder/Executive Chef, Wellness in the Schools
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