Julie's eCourses will be delayed until Fall, 2014 due to her cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy treatment. She will be in touch soon. Thank you for your support.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” - Poet, Mary Oliver

How to Create a Meaningful Career in Food & Wellness

Are you at a crossroads?

Are you wondering which move to make in your career?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with possibilities and unsure how to achieve your goals?

Are you new to the field of food and wellness?

Are you an experienced professional that needs to update your business model?

Are you unsure how to create a modern online presence and generate income doing something you love?

These courses will help you gain clarity about:

• How to get unstuck and clear about your next career move.

• How the business world as we know has changed forever and what you need to do to change along with it.
• How to identify which course of action is a waste of time and which path will lead you to fulfillment and success.
• How to decide which career path will fit the lifestyle you want to lead and how to create a realistic timeline to achieve it.

• How to get ahead of the curve by identifying smart business ideas and career options that will become more and more in demand as we head further into the 21st century.

• How to create a sustainable business model that will allow you to serve your community while also generating income.

"What is the recipe for successful achievement? To my mind there are just four essential ingredients: Choose a career you love, give it the best there is in you, seize your opportunities, and be a member of the team." - Benjamin F. Fairless


THE REALITY: The business landscape is rapidly changing and the recession has left us all a little shaken and unsure of the future. Highly coveted food jobs and traditional 9 to 5 jobs are hard to come by. I know because I’ve been in the field for over fifteen years with all kinds of jobs: waitress, chef, nutritionist, cookbook author, e-book publisher, recipe tester, recipe developer, cooking teacher, culinary program director, nutrition educator, food writer, and food blogger.

THE GOOD NEWS: Advancements in technology and growing demands within the health care industry means there are many opportunities to cultivate innovative careers in the world of food and wellness. I’ve also been conducting in-depth research and speaking with innovators about where the field is headed. I am excited to share ALL my business experience, both the things that worked and didn't work, along with cutting-edge career ideas, with YOU.

TWO eCourses that will change your life:

These unique courses will help you uncover which career path will bring you fulfillment while also giving back to your community.


Free Audio eChat: Next course TBA

Main course: Next course TBA

Downloadable recordings available each week

This course is for people who are feeling stuck and fuzzy about where they want to head next. This course is going to help you tap into the BEST career for YOU.

• An overview of where the business world is headed including new career options in the field of food, wellness and health.
• My list of food jobs that are dead and which ones are hot.
• Where to research and discover opportunities to serve your communities that are emerging due to the obesity epidemic and demands on the health care system.
• Which food and health conferences, events, and organizations are worth attending and/or joining.

• How to maximize networking and information gathering at industry events.
• Whether getting a degree in culinary arts, nutrition or another health-related area is right for you.
• How to network online and in-person, leverage social media contacts, and turn volunteer work and informational interviews into paying jobs.

• Learn why the old competitive mindset is outdated and how to embrace a more collaborative work philosophy that will help your business grow.

• Guided exercises and assignments that will allow you to tap into your true calling, the one that makes you feel like you’re not even working.

Unlimited question and answer during coaching sessions and email support throughout the course.


You can take this course in your pajamas, while your kids are sleeping or in your pajamas! All you need is access to a phone and the Internet.

COST: $195 US



Free Audio eChat: Next course TBA

Main course: Next course TBA

Downloadable recordings available each week

Become an entrepreneur! If you have specific career goals and are looking for ways to expand your online presence and become more profitable, then this course is for you. This class will help you hone your business ideas, decide which ones are worth pursuing and turn them into income-generating realities. The course covers:

• How to create your own customized action plan in order to build and/or expand your business and brand.
• How to decide on a sustainable business model and work schedule that fits your life.

• When to decide to get a job versus launch your own micro business, not-for-profit or social enterprise.
• When it’s worth launching your own website, food blog, and publishing a cookbook – and when it’s not.
• Learn how to calculate what you should be paid for your culinary or nutrition services.
• How to be strategic and effective with your time so that you’re not working 24/7.
• How to avoid costly mistakes when expanding or launching your business.
• Why joining social media sites and creating newsletters are worth your time and how to develop a mailing list and reach the right followers for your business.
• How to develop your own niche and authentically self-promote you and your business.
• How to maximize a start-up budget, prioritize costs, find quality vendors, and hire an intern.


You can take this course in your pajamas, while your kids are sleeping or in your pajamas! All you need is access to a phone and the Internet.

COST: $195 US

CPE available for Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Members


"Never continue in a job you don't enjoy. If you're happy in what you're doing, you'll like yourself, you'll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined." - Johnny Carson


• Four 60 minute LIVE weekly classes that you can access over the phone and Internet.
• Weekly MP3 audio recordings of each class that you can listen to online and also download to your computer so that you can listen to them any time you'd like.
• 30 additional minutes of office hours after class each week to ask Julie questions.

• 50+ pages of detailed handouts that you can refer to later including templates to run your business.

• Office hours on two Sundays during the course so 9-to-5ers can ask Julie questions.
• Homework assignments that Julie will review and give feedback on each week.
• Up-to-date resources including books, online resources, and experts to follow on Twitter.
• Skill building assignments that you can work on each week so that you will end the course with your own customized business plan.
• Access to Julie’s network of top-rated professionals, companies, and organizations.

• Special e-Course Student Rates for business coaching with Julie.

Feel like you could a lot in BOTH courses? I'm offering a special if you sign up for all eight weeks.


BONUS INTERVIEWS with TOP PROFESSIONALS in the field. Students can download the recorded interviews and listen to them any time:

Sally Ekus, literary agent at the Lisa Ekus Group, the premiere literary agency for culinary professionals nationwide. Sally will share what it takes to get your book idea picked up by an agent and publisher.

Adeena Sussman, chef, food writer and recipe developer for cookbooks and magazines including Martha Stewart Living, Food & Wine, Gourmet, Cooking Light, and SELF. Adeena will share her experiences as an in-demand food writer and recipe developer.

Jill Nussinow, registered dietitian, speaker, and award-winning cookbook author. Jill will share her knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of going the traditional route versus choosing to self-publish.

Casey Benedict, social media expert, publicist, and writer, will discuss how to decide if food blogging is right for you and how to create relationships with food companies and agricultural commodities in order to monetize your blog.

David Ingalls, CEO and co-founder of Zing Bars will share the realities of bringing a food product to market from hiring a food scientist and redesigning the packaging to budgeting for a large-scale expansion across the country.


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This course will help you zero in on your dream career and give you cutting edge business advice on how to transform your vision into a reality.

"You can do ANYTHING but you can not do everything." - David Allen

While I think it's important to share that I have been immersed in the food and health care field for more years than I care to admit, I also want you to know that I too have suffered from Career Confusion. When they found melanoma in my leg in early 2011, I was not only forced to reevaluate my life, I realized I may not always be able to work on my feet. I LOVE teaching cooking classes but if it wasn't for my cancer surgeries, I would have never launched my first eCourse and discovered how much I adore teaching people online. What a blast it is to work with people all over the world! But the journey here was not an easy one. I spent much of 2012 contemplating my next move and suffering from what I call Fuzzy Future Syndrome. Through a process of contemplation, patience and massive amounts of research, I finally arrived in my new niche: teaching professional trainings online and sharing digital content that helps others serve their communities. Now I get to share the process I developed on how to get out of your funk and onwards to your Happy Career Place. You know the one that makes you want to pop out of bed and get to work already. Or, in my case, stay in bed and work from there...one of my favorite perks about being an entrepreneur! For more information about my credentials and background, visit her About page.


"I took Julie's May 2013 eCourse How to Create a Meaningful Career in Food. I cannot recommend working with Julie more. Not only did she help me hone in on my goals and vision for my business, but she provided a vast array of resources, inspiration and ongoing encouragement along the way. I feel so much more focused in on where it is that I want my business to go, and I am more motivated and confident that I can get there! I have taken some leaps into unknown territory with Julie's guidance and I am already seeing the results both personally and professionally." - Mary Purdy

"When I met Julie in 2009, I was new to NYC and new to

the world of food and health. She generously met with me and spoke with me about my passion for cooking and equitable access to healthy options. Since then, at every stage of my professional and personal growth in the food world, Julie has shared her wealth of experience. Anyone lucky enough to know Julie--not to mention anyone lucky enough to call Julie a mentor, coach or teacher--knows one of the most insightful, innovative, and well-connected leaders in business and education. Don't miss a chance to learn from the best with Julie!"

- Josh Wessler, Co-Founder, Fresh Routes NYC

“I met Julie at a crucial point in my life. I was in a place where I knew I needed to switch careers. When I met her, I immediately felt a connection with her. She told me when you close one door and open the next door to new possibilities, many more doors and opportunities will keep opening. I was skeptical but she was right! She helped me gain confidence to switch careers and now I do what I love. I use my skills and power to make a difference in peoples lives. I feel greatly rewarded in my daily life and fulfilled in my career. She has been an incredible mentor to me throughout the process of changing careers and helped me develop professional skills in this new field. She is an amazing role model with years of experience (really THE expert in the field), passion, and has many contacts. She has guided me in the right direction and has helped me obtain multiple jobs. She gets a thrill out of helping and guiding people to find the career that is right for them and to use their skill set to do greatness in the world. I am so grateful for Julie, she is wonderful!” – Annie Morgan, Chef at Wellness in the School and Chef Instructor at The Sylvia Center

"Julie's e-course on How to Teach Cooking to Kids was fantastic. I chose the gold version and her guidance was invaluable. She acted like a mentor during those weeks, offering valuable feedback not only on the subjects related to the course but also on my job search. Taking her e-course was a key component of my success and I landed a full-time position at City Harvest four months later. Thanks for being such a wonderful business coach, Julie!" - Julieta Velasco, Nutrition Education Manager at City Harvest

“I took Julie’s e-course almost two years ago...wow, time flies. Thanks for all of the great tips & insight, Julie. I love teaching cooking classes and couldn't be happier. Your class gave me the confidence to go for it!!” – Meredith Hickman Outwater, Owner at Katonah's Cooking


“Success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities were used in a way that served others.” - Marianne Williamson



eCourse1: How to Create a Meaningful Career in Food

Find out whether you would thrive better in a job or running your own business.

Why overthinking is holding you back and how to REALLY tap into your true calling.
Discover why your weirdest quirks are your biggest assets.
How to network and embrace a collaborative outlook that will help your career grow.

Use Julie's Deduction Method to help you hone down career options and answer the "what's next?" question.
• The three essential questions you must answer before you decide if a degree, certification, conference, or organization is right for you.
How to create your own authentic niche in an uncontested market space.

Why it's essential to think of yourself as an entrepreneur in the 21st century - even if you're looking for a job.
Learn why your network is your best asset - and how to utlilize it make your dreams come true.
How to create the "Brand of You" so that you can start carving out your ideal career.

Design your own customized Career Map which will serve as a tool to make ANY change in your career - or life - so that you can continue mapping out your plan after the course ends.

eCourse2: How to Monetize a Career in Food & Wellness

How to decide on a sustainable business model that suits you and fits your life.
The secret to developing your customized action plan and timeline that will feel easy to execute.
3 mistakes people make when creating their online presence and products - and what you can do to preven them.
How to do make your social media sites work for you and and grow your email list.

How to sort through all your ideas, pick the ones that will work and convert them into a business reality.
• The trick to developing strategic and effective working methods so that you’re working less and making more.

The number one secret to monetizing that will put you ahead of the pack.
How to decide what to charge for your services and products.
How to leverage the Lean Methodology and avoid costly mistakes when expanding or launching your business.
• Become a business master by maximizing small budgets, prioritizing costs, finding quality vendors, and hiring staff.
Design a concise and clearly defined business plan and whip out your elevator pitch without hesitating for a second.



If I can't make the actual class, can I access recordings of it?
Yes, each student will receive an audio MP3 of the course each week along with detailed documents reviewing the course material. Julie is also happy to follow up with you after the course ends if you have any questions. She wants you to feel supported during and after the course so that you will find success!

What if I’m not sure I want a career in food but I’m in need of some career direction – will this course be relevant to me?
This course is definitely geared towards people who either work in or want to work in food, wellness, or health care. However, much of the information will be focused on helping people tap into their own goals and dreams along with general business advice for the 21st century entrepreneur. So, you’re welcome to join us if the overall goals of the course align with your desire to make a shift in your life.

If I'm still a student in school, will this course be useful to me now?
I do think this course is a smart move for students - it will give them an edge when entering into the job market. The wellness field is growing and will become increasingly in demand as programs, hospitals, schools and non-profits search for ways to cope with the obesity epidemic and educate people about lifestyle changes.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?
Like anything, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. I encourage all my students to complete their homework assignments and take advantage of receiving feedback from me before moving onto the next level of the course. However, I understand that not everyone wants to invest in doing the assignments. This course is available for you to maximize to the fullest extent which could mean up to 1-2 hours of homework a week in addition to the course. Or, you can simply listen to the recordings and review the documents at your leisure later.

If I decide partway through the course to upgrade to the Gold level, can I do that?
Absolutely! Julie will prorate the cost accordingly so that you receive whatever support you need. She also offers business coaching services at a discounted rate for anyone that has taken one of her e-Courses.

Will I have my weekly homework reviewed?
Yes, Julie will review your homework and give you detailed feedback to you so that you leave the class with ready-to-go lesson plans and recipes for your own classes.


Four 90 minute LIVE weekly classes and downloadable RECORDINGS (value: $1600)
30-minute "office hours" with Julie after each class (value: $400)

40+ pages of hand-outs and comprehensive PowerPoint presentations for all four modules (value: $600)

A Nutrition 101 PowerPoint template that you can customize (clients have paid me well for this template) and other handout templates (value: $800)

Platinum level students receive FOUR hours of one-on-one coaching (value: $800)

Access to Julie's network of top professionals and organizations around the country (Priceless)


I want you feel like the course is absolutely right for you! If you're not feeling it by the 2nd class, you can receive a full refund. Simply email julie at julienegrin dot com by midnight on the day of the second class and I’ll issue you a refund.



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